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Terms and Conditions

In order to succeed in the School of Real Biz + Job Assistance program we require that you have first successfully completed the AccountingPod ‘School of Real Biz’ part  of the program.
AccountingPod requires that you fully commit to your job search and take our recommendations seriously. We believe that every graduate has the ability to achieve their career goals and we will be there to support you along the way. We also know that those who succeed put significant effort into their own growth.

To remain eligible for the job guarantee:

  • You, as a ‘School of Real Biz’ + ‘Job Assistance’ program Graduate, are an active participant in your own success.
  • You are active in your job search and demonstrate this activity by submitting a minimum of 5 applications per week.
  • You track all applications submitted and clearly organize the status of each such that next steps are clear.
  • You are able to furnish details and communications relating to your job search upon reimbursement request. Including: the employer, position, date of submission, and all application materials for each position applied to within the programme period and 6 months following.
  • The application materials must show clear good-faith effort and be tailored to the role and company.
  • You demonstrate commitment to the program by responding to outreach in the following ways:
    • You attend all required Career appointments scheduled by the AccountingPod Careers team.
    • You schedule a 1:1 appointment with the AccountingPod Careers team ( if after two (2) months you’re not having success in finding work.
    • You attend all scheduled meetings. If cancellation is necessary, 24 hours notice must be provided.
    • You are responsive to outreach from the AccountingPod Careers Team within 72 hours (including weekly check-in surveys, follow-up emails and scheduling requests).
  • You work to set yourself apart from other applicants.
    • You continue to build your work experience by regularly working on personal development projects.
      • Volunteerism: You are required to volunteer in a Charitable Organisation within 1 month of ‘Job Assistance’ completion. A Finance / Treasurer role is ideal however evidence of participation and interaction with Community activities will be acceptable.
      • People Facing role(part time or full time): You are required to hold an existing people facing role that has you interacting with customers and colleagues in English.
    • Business Online Network Growth: You establish meaningful connections with an average of three (3) relevant industry professionals each week via email, LinkedIn or Twitter resulting in conversations about an open role. This may be achieved by attending local networking events in your area of residence (ex. meetup groups, recruiting events, career fairs etc.), making new connections on LinkedIn with a personalized message, and when applicable leveraging existing connections to reinforce submitted applications.
  • You understand that your next job is one step closer to your dream job.
    • Applied positions meet the skill level obtained through the program.
    • You have not rejected any offers that match your ability and expectations as defined by your AccountingPod Professional Profile upon graduation.

Eligibility Requirements for Graduates

  • Must hold an undergraduate, post graduate diploma or graduate degree from a New Zealand or Australian Tertiary Institute, Business School which is recognised [Tier 3 or above].
  • Must successfully complete ‘School of Real Biz’, + ‘Job Assistance’ within each programme period.
  • Successful completion requires an average pass mark of 70% for all graded tasks.
  • Must have been enrolled in ‘School of Real Biz’ + ‘Job Assistance’, remain enrolled, and be in compliance with AccountingPod’s Terms of Service throughout the program to which you are enrolled. If you are removed from the program for any reason, including without limitation violation of our Terms of Confidentiality or other policies, you will no longer be eligible for reimbursement of Job Assistance.
  • Must be eligible to legally work in New Zealand / Australia for at least one (1) year following successful completion of the program and applying for work at companies located within those jurisdictions.
  • Must be over the age of 21 years old.
  • Must have completed all Job Assistance Projects by the scheduled completion date.
  • Must have completed AccountingPod’s Professional Profile for LinkedIn and enabled Recruiter access if requested.
  • Must have completed full payment of related programme fees.


  • AccountingPod does not guarantee placement with partner companies or any company but offers you tuition refunds if employment is not achieved on the terms set forth here.
  • AccountingPod is not liable if you fail to pass any background check or reference check associated with the job offer.
  • AccountingPod is not liable if you lose the job for any reason.
  • You are subject to audit at any point in the Job Placement Period for AccountingPod to check that terms have been adhered to.
  • Should you fail to receive a job offer within these parameters, AccountingPod will reimburse the agreed Job Assistance programme fee amount minus any refunds, credits, rebates, discounts and payments which may have been received from AccountingPod.
  • The reimbursement will be paid in NZ Dollars. Graduate must explicitly request this reimbursement (via email to within one (1) calendar month following the end of the Job Placement Period. Failure to provide timely notice will void the guarantee.
  • AccountingPod may involve third parties in its job placement efforts at no extra cost to Graduate.
  • This offer applies without regard to race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical handicap or medical condition.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand without regard to its conflict of laws provisions.
  • These terms and conditions contain the full and complete understanding regarding their subject matter, superseding all prior agreements and understandings, written or oral, about such subject matter.
  • AccountingPod reserves the right to waiver or amend any of the above conditions in its absolute discretion. No correspondence will be entered into.


Nothing herein is intended to establish or create a fiduciary relationship, partnership, employment or joint venture between you and AccountingPod.

Contacting AccountingPod
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Effective for new enrolments from 6 July 2018.
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