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Autumn School of Real Business


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Truly handle financial day-to-day work

Resume cover letter modification

ANZ related financial accounting positions are pushed

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Who is AccountingPod?

AccountingPod is a certified public accountant from more than Australia and New Zealand established online digital financial combat training platform , providing training today and medium-sized accounting firms, and accounting for small businesses or small accounting firm used by combat (cloud) technology , job interview skills training , Arrange internships and job opportunities to gain valuable local work experience . Since 2016, many finance and accounting graduates have helped professional-related industries to start their careers in accounting and settle in Australia and New Zealand .

For more information, visit our official website at www.accountingpod.com.

What are your projects, when, and where?

Autumn School of Real Business+Job Assistance

1. The fall course will start on April 9th, for a total of 6 weeks , 15 hours per week , and it will be time for you to make your own online learning or customize the supervision of each workday.

Two weeks after the end of the training course.

2. Turn on the full range of finance and accounting professional career guidance and pushed inside work , a total of four weeks , time depends on your situation and needs. You will have your own one-on-one career support guide and schedule a one-on-one speech using the latest job search and career techniques! After a job search tutor, one-on-one tutors will keep track of all aspects of the process, from preparing resumes to interviews to induction, and conducting internal recommendations for suitable positions.

3. Fall Remote Combat Financial Training + Career Employment Guidance includes:

  • Really deal with the financial daily work
  • Resume cover letter modification
  • ANZ related financial accounting positions are pushed
Autumn combat training course details

• Real Business

According to the real financial case: Use the real financial data of ANZ companies for 2016.2017 as a case study.

• Technical Bookkeeping

We will teach you how to handle basic bank balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable, wages, cash flow management, consumption tax, etc., and enhance your basic financial skills.

• Technical Accounting

Teach you to handle real-time financial management tasks such as management reports, taxes, annual reports, and performance.

• Xero+Addon

30% of businesses in Australia and New Zealand are using financial management software. Many companies will use XERO as a basic requirement for financial positions. The course will teach you how to use XERO to deal with real-world financial data, basic financial tools, and time management tools.

• Reporting

Teach you to deal with various financial reports in real jobs.

• Compliance

The real case study of the Australia-New Zealand Business Law, the current application of the real case of the Australia-New Zealand Accounting Act, the Tax Law, and the Compliance Act are applied in real financial cases.

• Client Meetings

We provide real enterprise employers or financial personnel to conduct video conferences or office face-to-face meetings based on real financial cases, allowing you to communicate with customers as a finance, answer customer financial questions, and point out your deficiencies and help you improve together.

• Client Emails

In the daily financial work, finances not only need to process financial data, financial statements, but also more time to be used in internal corporate communication, superior and inferior communication, communication between colleagues and communication with customers. Writing a precise e-mail with detailed and accurate financial terms will not only reflect the professional qualities of the financial staff, but also allow the other party to understand the main purpose of the e-mail expression. In the application process, a formal and professional e-mail reply will make recruiters brighten up, and the probability that you will be picked will be greatly enhanced.

We provide real and real corporate employers or financial staffs to communicate via real financial cases and point out your inadequacies and help improve them together.

• Client Phone Calls

In ANZ’s financial work, internal departmental telephone communication, cross-departmental communication between colleagues, and customer communication are all inevitable.

We provide real and real corporate employers or financial staff to communicate on the phone according to real financial cases, answer customer financial questions, and point out your deficiencies and help you improve together.

• Mentor

Judith Cambridge, a certified public accountant from Australia and New Zealand for fifteen years, is the co-founder of the financial education system. He has ten years of experience in accounting practice, CA Xingdong Yan, and many other accountants and practitioners in the accounting profession.

• Dedicated Support

Below the course page website, there will be a tawk.to instant chat bar. You can enter the name and email address and chat with our tutor at any time.

• Badge

After the course is over, the Accounting pod will issue a certificate and summarize the financial work skills you have learned. This will be the best resume that can be shown to the recruiter .

Job search assistance

To help you, according to your work study, to experience a revision of your resume, your resume will definitely not be as simple as what you did. This is your first or last chance to show your recruits who you have never seen before. It is not what you have done but what you have done.

• CV Ready

Help you, according to your work and study experience, as well as the job search job company to modify the cover letter, the cover letter is definitely not copied in the template, sent to each company in exactly the same way. A cover letter must be based on job requirements, company status, and several paragraphs of text. It is up to the employer to immediately see why you are qualified for this position.

• Cover Letter Ready

Help you, according to job search job companies, prepare for interviews, mock interviews, prepare possible questions and answers, interview techniques.

• Employer Interview Ready

AccountingPod and major accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand and SMEs have reached a strategic cooperation relationship. We will recommend you to suitable posts and suitable employers after the study.

• Employer’s recommendation

Six-week outline

1) Responsible for real business data and handling issues from real customers.

2) Perform accounting bookkeeping and technical accounting tasks.

3) Communicate with customers via telephone, e-mail and speech.

4) Show and communicate with customers through video conferences.

5) Work in a simulated global team environment.

6) Interact with your designated leader and mentor.

7) Supported by experienced accounting industry experts.

8) Use the widest range of software used in the SMB accounting industry to complete real-world bookkeeping, accounting and tax work.

9) Receive feedback on your work and better solve problems in the real work.

10) Understand the background of many related industries in New Zealand, including the accounting industry.

What is real financial work?

Many of the courses and content you have learned in college are flat and straightforward to tell you theoretical knowledge plus a little bit of practice.

Most graduates will have a misunderstanding that the primary financial work is simply to complete the tasks of the superior, do data entry, pay salary, pay invoice and so on.

In fact, the real financial work is not a finishing task, but rather think and communicate . The most important one is problem solving. Employers don’t teach you, and more often than not, they assign tasks to you, let you think about ways to accomplish them and accomplish these tasks in an excellent way. If you can’t achieve performance, you go straight away. There’s not so much to do again. opportunity.

How to learn?

Accounting Pod provides digital finance and accounting skills training and simulation work environment.

There are three study guides throughout the course and instant online coaching. Team leader (simulating a leader in a real work environment), Mentor (a company shareholder or owner in a simulated real work environment), and support (simulating a real-world work environment) simulating real financial work, rather than letting you work in the office But more remote collaboration.

The “leaders” will assign tasks to you like the superiors in the process. For example, ask you to set a budget, appoint you to deal with different customers, and sometimes you will encounter difficult problems. For example: A real customer sends an e-mail: The bank card does not have enough money. Would you like to consult with the financial staff? Is there any way to pay the bill due soon? In the process of thinking about the solution, support will give professional guidance, the team leader will give you high-level assistance, mentor will give you solutions, break the direction of the general direction of the recommendations, and the end of the weekly course will be for the completion of the last week Give detailed feedback .

Why is it difficult to find jobs in the New Zealand Finance and Accounting Council?

Free labor no one wants?

  1. Most of Australia and New Zealand are small and medium enterprises. Do not want domestic large companies, will not train junior staff .
  2. Although accounting is on the list of Australian-Singapore immigrants, why is the job still difficult to find? It is because the vast majority of accounting jobs require at least one year of work experience . Graduates who have neither internship nor work have no relevant work. experience.
Cost information

Autumn School of Real Biz

Original price


Pay before Spring Festival

Enjoy 10% off

Now for $2429

Include all the service content that the training plan should have.

Autumn Job Assistance

Did not help you find related work within 6 months, half refund!

Now for $3499

  • Need to complete 6 weeks of combat courses to help with job search

the reason:

1. There is no strong professional skills, the interview is successful, it may not pass the probation period, the bamboo basket is empty.

2. There is no experience dealing with accounting issues and customer issues. Which employer dares to hand over important customers to you?

3 no proficiency in xero, how to ensure office efficiency?

Special Package (includes the first two full course content)

Original price


Pay before Spring Festival

Enjoy $700 off

Now for $5498

  • The service content that should be included in all training plans that include the above two single packages .
  • There is work introduction, headhunting involved.
  • The interview rate and employment rate of this package are extremely high.
  • Make every effort to ensure work and more interview opportunities within 6 months.
  • Use an internal relationship network.
  • There are elite consultants who assist with every step of the job search.
  • Otherwise refund half the cost of Job Assist.
Are we expensive?


A new Australian market IT professional training consulting company, twice a week, 3 months time courses.

Simple course $12000+

Job Search Assistance and Work Promotion $35000+


A new career consulting company in Australia’s new market, no internal push, no actual combat training course, 12 classes, 2 hours at a time.

Career Advisory  $4500+


In comparison, AccountingPod’s remote telemarketing financial training + career employment guide + job interview push package $6198, 3 months, an average of $400 + per week , two pots of money, can both improve their own real accounting environment Skills can also get dry job search guidance and job opportunities.

Can I find a job surely?

This question is difficult to answer. It’s like a woman with a five-point appearance, stature, worth, and personality asked the matchmaking company. Can I find a boyfriend? Or through internal and external training, to reach 8 points , the chance of finding a boyfriend will be higher , but no one can be about fate, natural disasters, the man’s mind, the family support.

The same is true for finding a job. What we can do is to increase your score by 5 points to 8 points and 7 points to 9 points. This will give you more advantages in your competitors’ candidates , but no one will guarantee that you will If you don’t find a way to bite gold and find a relationship on the way, the world’s top ten returnees will only be financial gods who don’t work for money.

We are providing this platform, giving you the skills, methods, and tools you need to finally know how to find your Dream Job!

The following English proverb makes sense

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

How soon will you find a job?

As everyone’s background is different, the progress of learning is also different. So the result is different.

We promise that within six months, we can’t find a job for you. If you assist with a half-refund , then please cooperate with us. In the past three months, we will work together!

Will you give me a job?

No, in Australia, no one in New Zealand will give you a job. But through our training and platform, you will be able to earn a job that belongs to you!

For the crowd


Can I attend the last year of my university?

This is a plan for a rainy day. If we do not affect our studies, we encourage you to be prepared for the future.


Can I participate in my second semester?

This shows that you know how to walk in front of others. If you do not affect the academic situation, we encourage you to find a part-time job or internship before year 3, so that you have experience, and you can change or revive your resume when you graduate. Can stand tall with other candidates.

Is the online course effective?

In the industry of ANZ Finance and Accounting, remote teams are commonplace for most accounting firms or large and medium-sized companies. As long as you are enterprising, the effect is the same as going to the scene. Every day, we have special personnel to supervise and supervise learning. The learning and guidance team will also provide all guidance and support when they are online.

Do I have a bad English?

Good communication is more important than English. Communication is part of the soft skills. All of our tutorials and team communication environment are in English , designed to let you feel the real working atmosphere of overseas companies, and is also the best opportunity to practice business English .

How to register?

Please click to enter www.accountingpod.com/courses or click on “Read original” in the lower left corner to skip.

Registration conditions?

With a financial background, it is advisable to have at least one year of accounting background or work background.

  • Accounting students
  • Finance graduates or graduating students
  • Primary finances just coming into contact with work
  • Already working in other industries, but want to return to the financial industry.
I don’t know my direction for accounting and employment

Please sign up first. We will have consultants at the beginning of the course to give you a comprehensive analysis guide.

payment method

  • Traditional bank transfer method (recommended)
  • Online payment, support visa, master, no fee
  • Online RMB payment, support for 19 plus Bank of China Internet Banking, WeChat, Alipay.
  • If you have a one-time payment pressure, we may consider instalment payment service , please contact our support team via the online chat tool at the bottom right of the website or add cici WeChat private chat at the end of this article.
 What makes AccountingPod recognized by all walks of life?

  • With efficient execution, we guarantee that every student has a professional tutor to answer your questions within 8 hours.
  • Professionalism, a number of accounting firm senior notes will be your standard think tank.
  • Granting people to fish is not as good as teaching people to fish. We are not a duck-type education system. We are raising the knowledge and skills of accounting in practice .