When you are ready to start your Xero module(when this is unlocked). You will need to go through a verification process to set up a Xero account to connect to your AccountingPod account.

Click on the first Xero module, a dialogue window will pop up. You will have two steps to complete here: 1) Verify your xero account. 2) Connect to Xero.

Click Verify Now to gain access to the Xero organisation associated with this AccountingPod course. Log in using your enrolment email address for this course:

If you haven’t already, you may be prompted to set up Two Step Authentication.

Go through the process to set up two step authentication and then proceed to log in and you will see the screen below.

Once the Xero organisation is set up, you will be logged into it. Take a note of the organisation name on the top left hand side corner, in this example “The Happy Chippy Assessment”.

Now, let’s get back to the AccountingPod tab and start completing the second step “Connect to Xero”

Click on Connect to Xero and then click Allow Access.

In the ‘Select another organisation’ dropdown menu, find the Xero organisation name against the the name you took a note of earlier, in this example, it is ‘The Happy Chippy Assessment. select and then Click Connect.

Finally, click Back to Course to start your Xero module:

Start module: