What is AccountingPod?

AccountingPod is a new breed of business education technology companies for the digital age. We build tools, simulations and platform to enable great teaching and hands on learning experience on the latest cloud business software platforms. Our content is recent and realistic, blending the real business and industry context across the data. AccountingPod to a business learner is like a flight simulator to a pilot!

How does it work?

Accounting and business content is provided to you as simulated case studies for a small per learner fee. Once registered with your chosen case study, you login to access your course, add your learners and launch. Notifications, grading, cheat-prevention and monitoring for ‘stay on track’ are automated while you keep an eye on your learner progress from the AccountingPod dashboard. Final learner grades are available to export and import to your Learner Management System.

What is the benefit for me?

AccountingPod saves you time. We provide both relevant accounting content and auto-grading for cloud business software platforms. AccountingPod represents innovation in your classroom and fresh engagement with your learners because we use the latest tools used by leading businesses and advisory firms. Our smart tracking and grading technology will provide you with fresh insights into your learner learning journey that’s only possible across cloud based platforms. You’ll stay up to date with what is happening in the workplace for your learner as you navigate within the digital business cloud. Our continuous development cycle means your feedback is hugely important to us as we respond to your need. And, you are not alone! AccountingPod’s learning support team is there for you, just one click away.

What is the benefit for my learners?

Learners will love you for providing them with current ‘applied experiential accounting learning case studies.’ It will allow your learners to apply their ‘book learning’ to the real world scenarios of AccountingPod. We engage with your learners across their mobile devices and computers connected to the internet, anytime, anywhere. AccountingPod will engage, challenge and test learner problem solving while building resilience. Learners will be more ‘work ready’ having experienced relevant tools and processes used in today’s modern business. When thinking about the ‘future of work’ for learners there’s no better place than to start their journey on AccountingPod to gain a sense of ‘what’s happening out there’.

How much does it cost?

AccountingPod charges a simple low per learner per course fee which aims to remain competitive to your existing desktop solutions while adding a huge amount of additional value to your programme. See our Teaching page for more information.

How do I get started?

Navigate to the accountingpod.com website and click through to our registration form. You’ll receive an invite to get started and an AccountingPod team member will be in touch to ensure we launch you safely on your way!