ACCA Be A CFO – 27th June

2 week financial orientation for employment and business for ACCA students.
Begins Tuesday 27th June.

An exciting fast paced course which will get you hands on experience with the finances from a real business and teach you cloud tools used in todays business world, like Xero.

You will learn:

  • Financially manage a multi-million dollar New Zealand SME business ‘like a CFO’
  • Learn about the real business, how it makes money, why people want to be in that business and industry
  • Apply your business learning to the financial numbers
  • Explore your cashflow needs
  • Use the latest business tools on the cloud, like Xero, which can really help you understand your business better
  • Grow your practical experience of New Zealand business and real cloud tools for your next job, interview or entrepreneurial start-up!

How much time will it take?
We’ve built the experience to take around 5 hours per week, depending on your current knowledge.

What does it cost?
It costs you nothing if you are quick! ACCA are sponsoring the first 30 students for this 2 week course!

Who will help me if I have a question?
Check out our in-web chat on our Courses page. Leave your questions. We are here to help. Every Tuesday from 8 – 8:30pm, you’ll get to chat with real Chartered Accountants on your learning journey.

Please contact us for more information on upcoming courses for ACCA students