Job Ready – Starts Today

4 week real financial experience for employment in business.

Begins Today.

Get your hands dirty with real business! Experience the real world of finance by applying your wealth of knowledge to data from a real business while managing the finances on Xero.

You will learn:

  • Understand how a real* New Zealand business operates
  • Talk about ‘real business’ at your next job interview
  • Set up your business on Xero
  • Use Xero to manage your daily business finances, including book keeping and bank reconciliation
  • Use Xero to create financial reports to measure your businesses performance
  • Use benchmarking to compare your business with it’s industry peers
  • Understand and use industry specific add ons for Xero
  • Create budgets for your business on Xero

Flexible Learning
Complete from as little as 5 hours a week for 4 weeks.
Come back any time, login on the go and learn at your own pace.
Our team will be available to support you and answer any questions along the way too.

Invest in your career!
For only $230 you will get the experience you need to help you get a job in finance and accounting. We have made it easier than ever to pay with LatiPay and Stripe.

Stand out from the crowd
Employers are looking for stand out students who have real world experience.
We give you a badge and blurb for your CV, showing you have completed our course and have the practical skills required for employment in accounting and finance.
Your experience with AccountingPod will also help you to stand out from the crowd at your next job interview. Your experience will enable you to talk about the real business world in your next interview.

ACCA Be A CFO – 27th June

2 week financial orientation for employment and business for ACCA students.
Begins Tuesday 27th June.

An exciting fast paced course which will get you hands on experience with the finances from a real business and teach you cloud tools used in todays business world, like Xero.

You will learn:

  • Financially manage a multi-million dollar New Zealand SME business ‘like a CFO’
  • Learn about the real business, how it makes money, why people want to be in that business and industry
  • Apply your business learning to the financial numbers
  • Explore your cashflow needs
  • Use the latest business tools on the cloud, like Xero, which can really help you understand your business better
  • Grow your practical experience of New Zealand business and real cloud tools for your next job, interview or entrepreneurial start-up!

How much time will it take?
We’ve built the experience to take around 5 hours per week, depending on your current knowledge.

What does it cost?
It costs you nothing if you are quick! ACCA are sponsoring the first 30 students for this 2 week course!

Who will help me if I have a question?
Check out our in-web chat on our Courses page. Leave your questions. We are here to help. Every Tuesday from 8 – 8:30pm, you’ll get to chat with real Chartered Accountants on your learning journey.

Please contact us for more information on upcoming courses for ACCA students